Poetic Patagonia

January 24-31, 2020

Patagonia, Chile

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This January
we are thrilled to be curating
a seven night retreat in

Northern Patagonia, Chile

a place of pure poetry.

Yoga & Meditation

by Cole Chance

Creative Writing

by Victoria Erickson

“Writing is a process,
a journey into memory
and the soul.”

Isabel Allende


Language and movement…
of words – of breath – of life.

It is woven in the fabric of everything.

This week, we will lace together yoga and words into art in the wild setting of ecstatic nature.

Through poetic story, physical rythmicity, and gorgeous sanctuary we will go in deep and reach out wide.

Our home for the week is nestled in the Andes mountains in Lake Region of northern Patagonia, Chile. The center, Aluantu, was created in order to support the rediscovery of the natural world as well as the personal journey inward. It is is situated on the gentle shores of Lake Rupunco, shadowed by the snow-capped Puntiagudo Volcano..

This retreat includes:

  • An old growth rainforest surrounding the lodge and time spent in the forest reserve where there are high hanging hammocks and open wooded structures for meditation and enjoyment.
  • Time spent at the shores of the lake on black volcanic sand beaches and crystal clear waters of Rupanco. There is also a beautiful 180 meter waterfall.
  • Yoga and writing in a large, open-air gazebo overlooking the lake
  • Opportunities for adventure and exploration with day trips including a boat ride, guided hikes, and hot springs.
  • Fresh organic herbs, veggies, and fresh fruits grown in the gardens.
  • Local produce, eggs from resident free range hens, organic honey from their growing bee colony, and freshly baked breads prepared in their large wood burning oven.
  • Transport to and from the retreat center
  • Daily creative writing taught by Victoria Erickson with different themes and styles.
  • Daily yoga taught by Cole Chance with different themes and styles.

All writing and yoga classes are optional!

“As if you were on fire from within, the moon lives in the lining of your skin.”

Pablo Neruda

We would love to have you join us on this epic journey of self-inquiry, movement, and imagination in this wild Patagonian wonderland!

Prices $2350-2950