I’ve never done much the traditional way and my Thai practice isn’t either. I’ve studied with many different teachers and lineages as well as exploring my own intuition and creativity. Over the years I have swirled together what has resonated the most and continue to add my own spices; I deeply encourage my students to do the same as we all have our unique healing to share. I call this blend of joy, intention, and touch Shanti Thai after my sweet late doggie and best friend. She really knew how to love and heal. I hope to share even a fraction of that with others…




Thai Yoga ​​has its roots in the ancient Indian systems of Yoga, Buddhism, and Ayurveda. Called the “lazy man’s yoga” in Thailand, this meditative flow weaves together energy, loving-kindness intention, and mindful techniques to dissolve blockages and alleviate stress. It combines assisted stretching, acupressure, and compression to improve flexibility and balance the body’s energy. Thai Massage can weave beautifully into your current practice, is adaptable to the table, and has body mechanics that will do wonders for the longevity and endurance of your practice! A wonderful opportunity to open a new path of healing for your clients and yourself!

Explore below for opportunities to experience Shanti Thai. I give private sessions to receive, teach Continuing Education trainings for massage therapists/yoga teachers to deepen their practice, and workshops for anyone wanting to learn to share this healing bodywork with others. Thai massage is always blended in my YOGA RETREATS as well! Please don’t hesitate to CONTACT ME if you are interesting in joining an event or hosting one…I would love to share this bodywork with you!

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