The Gathering

A writing + yoga retreat in Texas Hill Country

17 – 21 Nov, 2021

There are some places you crave where time seems to pause – places where stress falls away and the stillness feels safe and nourishing. Places steeped in fresh air and open skies, tucked away from the crowded world. This autumn, Cole Chance and Victoria Erickson are taking you deep into the heart of one of these oasis, in the nurturing cradle of Texas Hill Country.

Our days will be filled with equal parts creative writing, yoga, and retro country love! Yoga and meditation will help to open our creative channels so we can weave our experiences, musings, feelings, and imaginations into words. Exploring flow by way of the body and the pen.

“Being in the country is like being in a dream.”

– Meia Goddess

This gathering will be spacious, easeful, and healing. Our home for the retreat will be nestled among expansive sunsets, deeply starry skies, warming night fires, vintage Airstreams, natures melodies, and of course, the gentle hills.

This is a sweet, nostalgic land where the south begins to merge with the west, and you are held in gentle earth energy.

  • Daily yoga & meditation classes with Cole Chance
  • Daily creative writing classes with Victoria Erickson
  • 3 daily plant-based meals catered by a private chef
  • 4 nights accommodation at the Three Points Ranch
  • Local nature excursions
  • CommUNITY
  • Both the writing + yoga are for all levels!
    We welcome and encourage diversity of background, race, gender, and experience.

    All meals are privately catered & plant based. We will have a big breakfast + dinner with a light lunch.

    We’ll take a sunset sojourn to Enchanted Rock National Park & explore other local gems.


    We will be staying at Three Points Ranch – established in 1929 and now a glamping destination with 500 acres of beauty under huge Texas skies. It is a 500 acre Texas paradise built on the crossroads of three counties and family owned, with a laid back, rustic, enchanted feel.

    Three Points Ranch is located in Round Mountain, TX, a 45 min drive from Austin and an hour from San Antonio. You are responsible for making your way to the venue. (We will have a facebook group started 2 months out so people can link up for ride shares.)


    Nestled under large oak trees, the restored vintage airstreams are thoughtfully decorated and will suit even the fanciest "campers"!

    Each Airstream has AC, heat, and a mini-fridge.

    The most sought after accommodation is the unique screened sleeping porch which provides an incredible experience with its four swinging queen beds which are saturation so that you can enjoy both the sunset and sunrise while horizontal! We also provide fans and electric blankets to maximize the relax time on the porch.

    Located just steps from the Airstreams and sleeping porch is the newly built bathhouse with showers + toilets. Guests can also use the facilities in the dining barn and pavilion that both have beautiful bath tubs. For those wanting to enjoy an awesome outdoor shower, there are two located behind the pavilion.

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    Victoria Erickson

    Our Team


    Cole Chance


    Victoria Erickson is an author and creative writing coach. She spent years writing for various blogs, local magazines, and newspapers on a variety of subjects, and now writes for herself and also helps brands and beings with a specific style of editing. She has been coaching creative writing all over the world through workshops, retreats and seminars for five years, focusing on writing from the body, as well as how to layer, notice and play with rhythm, elements, and energy within a paragraph.

    Victoria believes that when you’re writing from a primal, intuitive place, life can be wondrously free, fiery, energetic, and extraordinary.

    Cole has been a seeker all her life. It has brought her into the depths of addiction, to all corners of the world, and most importantly to the path of yoga. Through this practice, she has begun to understand, unravel, and explore the most fascinating of all landscapes… the inner one. There is always room to find more freedom and come closer to wholeness, both on and off the mat.

    Cole’s teaching style reflects her desire to support her students discover on their own unique journey to their desired life. Her philosophy is to live big, love wide, listen deep, and ALWAYS leave room for possibility!

    “The fresh and crisp air of the country reminds us that our blood surges from that of the natural world and how tied we are to the sprung rhythms of earth and sky, weather and season.”
    Kilroy J Oldster

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