“Addiction is a replacement for people” with Cole Chance, Yoga Teacher and Recovered Addict

Cole Chance Yoga
Cole Chance Yoga
"Addiction is a replacement for people" with Cole Chance, Yoga Teacher and Recovered Addict

During this week’s podcast, I spoke with Cole Chance, a globally well-known yoga teacher and founder of an online yoga platform OmYogaTribe and Emerge Recovery, a programme to support recovery from addiction.  She is an ex-alcoholic and drug abuser who was in and out of rehabs, detox centres, hospitals, and 12 step programme rooms, throughout her 20s until she overdosed at 29 and finally decided to turn a page in her life. During our conversation, Cole opens up deeply about her path with addiction, the moment she decided that she could be high or she could be happy, and the importance of taking responsibility for her own life and she does so with such grace, and lightness of being, it’s hard to believe she’s lived through what she’s lived through.